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a few kind words from our clients and partners

Matt Biespiel

For more than a decade, I grew to depend on the founders of The Brand Connective consistently to do one thing: see what everyone else could see, and imagine it differently. They know that ideas are the mother’s milk of brands. They are fluent in cultural relevancy. Tracy and Paul create brand experiences that people crave. They know how to make things beautiful. They just get it. I’ve gone into battle with these two by my side. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

Matt Biespiel - Former Head of Global Brand
Alison Kirk

The Brand Connective have added another dimension to our brand thinking. As an agency partner they bring a strategic approach to addressing business opportunities using creativity and insight-driven ideas, emotive storytelling and connective customer communication, They always take a collaborative approach, have great intuition and experience, and play an important role in helping us develop our client business.

Alison Kirk - Head of Marketing
Amadeus, NEC Group
Gael Laurie

tbc bring a wealth of experience and cross-category knowledge to help shape future opportunities and form new possibilities. They are tenacious in their approach and have a genuine passion for the work they do.

Gael Laurie - Global Brand Director
PZ Cussons
Jerome Lyman

It’s obvious that the collaboration, process and investment in managing this the right way are evident in everything you’re doing. Performance to date is better than all other stuff we’ve ever attempted to do globally. You’re thinking of everything and doing all the right things. This is best practice. You’ve exceeded our expectation in delivery.

Jerome Lyman - McDonald’s VP Global Supply Chain
Steve Dennis

Their passion, collaboration, service orientation and ultimate quest for brand perfection is unparalleled!

Tracy and Paul are the yin & yang for each other… ultimately, coming up with the best possible solution. They bring other perspectives, executional thinking and consider realistic expectations & feasibility at all points throughout the strategic conceptualisation and ideation stages.

I have worked with creative & account leads for over 28 years now…and I have never witnessed a better or more productive working relationship than the one that Tracy & Paul have when they work together. Oh…and they are just lovely, fun people to be around…which is the icing on the cake.

Steve Dennis - Brand, Promotional & Design Agency Production & Operations Leader

the brand connective is a creative consultancy & ideas generator who specialise in brand thinkingconnecting emotionally to consumers through storytelling, design & brand experience.

We build brands that grow business.