Challenge convention to move your brand forward

Creating a blueprint for a fresh kind of Garden Centre, one that inspires and is easier to shop

It’s puzzling to us that retail has innovated and moved on at pace, yet Garden Centres are somehow stuck in a time warp. Consumers desire for a contemporary look for their homes has driven sales and growth for many Home Retailers, transforming our homes into places of self-expression and sanctuary, a new found pride of the places in which we live.

Creating outdoor rooms, the underdeveloped space for living.

Garden Centres are lagging behind in inspiring consumers to develop the room outdoors into a place to live and be uplifted, beyond a rectangular lawn and predictable flower border.

Creating a VISION for Garden Centres of the future.

We have a vision to move forward this thinking, creating Garden Centres that have enhanced customer experience, that inspire and make it easier to get the look you want all in one place.

Our vision was driven by 5 key principles:

Make plants easier to shop

Garden Centres are dominated by the sale of plants, all categorised by their latin names, surely there is an easier and more intuitive way to shop? We took our inspiration from fashion stores where colour becomes the most powerful beacon to draw you to purchase.

Break down the elements that go together to create the look

Zones for form, texture, water and colour that help you build your garden through natural elements, fluid elements, key elements and accent elements.

Create a retail experience

Think more like retailers than nurserymen to create a well curated customer experience.

Tailor the content to the local demographic

Areas with lots of new housing will suit a family oriented garden or a more contemporary entertaining garden, urban areas a little oasis in the city, and possibly a more formal look for traditional suburban gardens, prioritise focus on the local demographic.

INSPIRE and make it easy to buy the look

Above all inspire to motivate purchase. Aspiration that’s achievable, even on a modest budget. Ignite homeowners passion for their gardens, help them achieve a better outdoor space.

Fresh ideas drive the future

Think differently, ask ‘what if?’, produce sketches for discussion, have vision and explore future-first thinking. Our world is constantly changing, tbc are are partner that can add value through ideas, working collaboratively to think beyond today.