More than ever, a human approach to retail thinking is needed

With so many choices these days how do we see the future of retail?

With so many choices these days how do we see the future of retail? At tbc we see a fusion between on-line and bricks and mortar, one where on-line strives to provide an experience beyond convenience and where bricks and mortar retail looks to build in more convenience, together with creating a personal in-store experience that drives more reasons to visit.

Experience is everything when it comes down to customer choice.

Retail should be a human experience beyond our basic needs, wooing and persuading customers into purchase rather than screaming price at them all of the time. Brands need personality and charisma to differentiate them in a congested marketplace. We believe that EXPERIENCE is the key differentiator these days, with Quality and Price a given. The pursuit of true perceived value becomes a lot easier if all three elements are better defined.

We work on the equation that: Quality + Price + EXPERIENCE = perceived Value.

WholeFoods Market, London, creating a brand proposition that connects

US food retailer, WholeFoods Market arrived in Kensington with much anticipation but with most consumers not understanding what their offer was and who it was for.

We created a brand campaign that addressed these key issues along with driving mid-week sales from local workers.

The simple proposition- ‘Everything, every day, Made Easy’ helped drive basket purchases from local workers, while the campaign featured the real experts that help you find the finest food in-store through their charismatic personalities, humanising the brand and engaging with customers, really helping them to find inspiration through food.

WholeFoods is now established as a favourite on Kensington High Street and other select areas.

Helping to make Tesco more fashionable and profitable

Tesco were moving to larger stores with a much larger non-food offer. Investment in a new clothing brand was a priority, one that could go head- to-head with George at ASDA.

Florence+Fred were born as a brand to capture customers imagination and give an aspirational yet affordable fashion brand that customers loved.

A loveable and real personality drove the brand with carefully selected models representing the fun and lifestyle that customers aspired to.

From launch F+F (as it is now called) was a huge success with demand outstripping supply, a major PR and launch campaign made a statement of intent, driven by our original idea, proposition and BRAND VISION F+F is now one of retail’s great success stories.