Putting ‘brand thinking’ into action

McDonald’s Global Branding

Working with McDonald’s Global in Chicago we were set the challenge of defining their brand globally and making it easy for the 5 zones and 119 countries to understand the elements that make up their identity so a more coherent style would be used across the world.

Careful consideration had to be give to cultural differences and varying levels of design sophistication across markets. The brand work was driven by brand personality, this should be felt through every touch point, the playfulness should always shine through. At the same time food quality perceptions needed challenging, new visual standards were set for food imagery with a more realistic wholesome image being favoured.

Capturing the essence of the brand through the story and detailed design elements formed the backbone of assets countries needed to use.

To make it easy for everyone to understand and implement we created a ‘BRAND BLOODLINE’, the DNA of the McDonald’s global brand laid out in a simplified format that by its style encouraged understanding of WHY and HOW this piece of work was fundamental to creating a more consistent brand style across all channels and touchpoints wherever it was seen in the world.

We also created the Happy Meal identity across the world.

global branding testimonial

For more than a decade, I grew to depend on the founders of The Brand Connective consistently to do one thing: see what everyone else could see, and imagine it differently. They know that ideas are the mother’s milk of brands. They are fluent in cultural relevancy. Tracy and Paul create brand experiences that people crave. They know how to make things beautiful. They just get it. I’ve gone into battle with these two by my side. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

Matt Biespiel - Former Head of Global Brand McDonald's
Matt Biespiel - Former Head of Global Brand

Birmingham, city branding

Britain’s second city, Birmingham was suffering an image problem, Britain’s industrial heartland was changing but it was stuck with an outdated image of the true transformation that was taking place to regenerate the city into a dynamic post-industrial hub.

Marketing Birmingham commissioned us to create the brand for Birmingham that would help the city compete and win in an ever more competitive marketplace for city growth and business/visitor tourism.

The city was defined through the proposition, Many world’s, one great city’ and anchored by the values- diverse, dynamic and human, with aspirations to ‘evolve into a city second to none’.

We wanted to create a very human brand that reflected the people and the progressive evolution from being a leading proponent of the industrial revolution to being a driving force for modern cities.

We created 12 signature images that represented changing and unexpected Birmingham, a logo and identity that was simple, modern and flexible, representing Birmingham as the HUB of the country, together with identity guidelines that made it easy for all stakeholders to use the identity, whether an organisation, publication, business, Visit England tourism or exhibitions. The city spoke as one voice, in harmony and with determined passion.